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Adrian Brewer (Rtn and Charity CEO) Eve Conway (RIBI President elect) & Mukesh Malhotra (PDG) launch


Celebrating 111 years of Rotary Around the World raising funds for END POLIO NOW and WATER projects. To be part of this fantastic day out and celebrate the Rotary 111th birthday click below.

Join them for a exhilarating day of fellowship and this year everyone gets an individual souvenir photo and medal!!


On Rotary Day 2015, 120 Rotarians and friends of all ages walked over the Millennium Dome (O2) and raised thousands of 's for the End Polio Now Campaign and The RoTB Trust water projects in Africa, Celebrating 110 years of Rotary Around the World


Following on from last year and the inevitable delays in collecting sponsorship pledges and Gift Aid, we are this year asking you to register through Paypal and seek sponsorship through a Just Giving page and requesting that you endeavour to raise at least 200 per climber excluding your climb fee. (click for further details) Clubs making donations please (click here)

 registration closed 

To avoid the situation which occurred last year with collecting sponsorship, we are making things a little easier by requesting that every participant open a sponsorship page on Just Giving. Gift aid is automatically collected.  We ask that each walker try to raise a minimum of 200 excluding the climb fee.

To set up your Just Giving page for this event click

Make a fundraising page - JustGiving

If you do collect money outside Just Giving please either add it personally to your Just Giving Total or send donations under separate cover using these sponsorship forms (page 1 and/or page 2) to:

The 2016 Dome Walk, 3 Manners View, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5DB. 

Rotary Club/Districts sponsoring members, friends/relatives can hand donations to participant or submit direct to: 

The 2016 Dome Walk, 3 Manners View, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5DB.

N.B. Overseas contributors who wish to make a donation can do so here via PayPal.  Thanks  


For your information:  A complete record will be maintained of all registrations and payments made to the O2.

All sponsorship and funds received by The RoTB Trust are accepted on behalf of Rotary Foundation UK and The RoTB  Trust.  The revenue will be recorded and published as an account available to all participants.  

NB donations from particular individuals will not be highlighted but be shown as part of the total....

The final total will be divided equally between the two organisations.  Rotary Foundation for End Polio Now and The RoTB Trust  for water and sanitation projects in Africa and beyond....

~That's it~ unless you know different........

~any questions you can call 07809 456 247 or email  YIR Adrian & Mukesh and Eve

Companies, NGO's, Philanthropists...You can Sponsor this great event


Companies, NGO's, Philanthropists...You can Sponsor this great event